Primary Care

Primary Care centers around you: the patient. This care is provided by physicians who specialize in comprehensive first contact and continuity of care for the patients they see. The comprehensive part means that the problem/disease is not limited to any one part of the body or organ system or diagnosis and may originate in any of the parts of our being: biological, psychological, behavioral, social or spiritual.

Primary care includes all aspects of health: disease prevention, health maintenance, patient education, counseling, health promotion and diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic illness. Your personal physician collaborates with other health professionals, to consult or refer you to specialists as appropriate. Your physician then provides patient advocacy and coordination of your care within the health care system and is available to work with the specialists as needed and explain to you areas and issues that may be difficult to understand. Primary care encourages each patient to be a partner in their health care. In primary care, we advocate for you, the patient, to provide the best evidence based and most cost effective care to coordinate the use of the entire health care system.

The specialties which provide Primary Care are Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. Dr. Farrell has been board certified by and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine since 1996. The foundation of Family Medicine is to provide and maintain ongoing personal physician-patient relationship focused on integrated care. Family physicians are extensively trained to provide comprehensive health care to all ages: from newborns to seniors, including prenatal and childbirth services. At Total Health Medical we dedicate ourselve to treating the whole person in every context of life: physical, psychological, social and spiritual.

Family Systems is the study of each patient in the context of their family or loved ones. Family dynamics affect every area of our lives and often need to be integrated into patient care to understand the full picture of a patient’s health. Our doctors at Total Health Medical not only diagnose and treat a wide range of acute and chronic diseases but also provide health coaching for wellness through lifestyle changes, preventative care (including routine check-ups, health risk assessments, immunization and screening tests) and ongoing personalized counseling on maintaining lifelong wellness. Since you know your body and health the best, we partner with you to achieve wellness in every area of your life.

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