Total Health Medical Integrative Pain Management Program utilizes the latest advances in integrative and functional medicine to bring a unique approach to helping patients reduce and overcome chronic pain. With a focus on addressing and optimizing the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual compenents of pain and wellness, patients are supported through evidence-based techniques in a wellness-oriented approach.

Significant focus is given to patient self-management skills in building multi-dimensional resilience, and an avoidance of prolonged dependence on opioids and other addicitive pain medication. Through the use of advanced, proprietary technology, a multidisciplinary health coach approach, and regular group visit opportunities, our patients are provided the engagement, social support, eduction and skills training to successfully form a foundation for health and wellness.

Further supplemental support is provided through on-site evidence based interventions, including health coaching, mind-body therapies, nutrition and exercise physiology.

Applying the THM Integrative Pain Management Program, patients frequently experience the following benefits:

  • decreased pain
  • decreased need for opioid medication
  • decreased need/elimination of benzodiazepine and Soma
  • reduced need for surgery
  • lower levels of stress
  • enhanced wellbeing
  • weight loss
  • improvement in markers of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
  • reduced blood pressure
  • increased vitality and energy
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